The EP library of your dreams

Nothing else inspires a musician more than the sound of an electric piano. And nothing is more inspiring than an FM Electric piano layered stack and full of the most stunningly sampled and ultra expressive crystal-like FM electric piano sounds.  

Video Demo Walkthroughs

Amazing Sounds

HQ Effects

There are over 100 individual sounds (3.2GB). The library is filled with FM tines, dyno eps, crystal eps, bells, lush pads, and warm strings.

The library uses Overloud’s VKFX effects suit. There are also two unique lush reverbs and the famous Dimension D Chorus recreated.

Random Preset Gen

HQ Presets

Roll the dice and instantly create a brand new preset from an existing patch, with the same personality, character and tone as the original.

Over 100 high quality presets! Each preset dedicated to velocity expression, warm tone, belly-like crystals, and digital FM tones.



Virtual MIDI

109 High Quality Presets

105 Total Sounds

Favorite Preset Saving

Dimension D Type Chorus

Two Types of Stereo Spread

Lush Reverbs


FM TiNES is the most versatile, unique and exhaustive FM electric piano library ever created for the iPad. We, at Gospel Musicians, aim to inspire and what a better way to inspire then offering the most extensive and feature-rich library of nothing but the prettiest electric piano sounds ever created.